The Hero’s Journey of Idilio Galeotti

What is the best thing I love about my job? I love the unpredictability of creativity in creating a work of art, every time while starting from a project, I let myself go to the sensations and emotions that I perceive in the construction phase of the work.

What is my idea of perfect happiness? Happiness are moments of life, I try to work to combine those moments of happiness, a peaceful and harmonious life with myself and with those around me.

What is my biggest fear? Waking up and no longer feeling creative desires and the enthusiasm of living.

What is the trait that I most regret in myself? Never being completely satisfied with the results achieved, I would like more and more to design new stimulating situations for me and for those who follow my work.

Which people in my profession do I admire the most? There are several people I admire in the field of artistic creation, if I have to make two names I would say in the field of art Damien Hirst, while for photography Sebastião Salgado.

What is my biggest extravagance? Trying to always be myself, not letting myself be influenced by the fashions of the moment, I go on my way.

When should I lie? I prefer not to do it, in some houses I can say things in a more harmonious way, people can be hurt less and this in itself is not bad.

What is the thing I don’t like most about my job? It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to promote my art and keep in touch with galleries and art critics, I would like to concentrate only on my creative work.

When and where was I the happiest in my work? When I participated in the 54th Venice International Art Biennale, I believe that for every artist it is an important goal to get there and compare notes with the other artists present.

If I could, what would I change about myself? I would not change many things, we are imperfect people who can and must improve, but change something, I would say no.

What is my greatest success at work? I had several moments of satisfaction, in a previous job in the social field I reached the highest levels of the organization, becoming National Secretary and coordinating at an organizational level about 300,000 people, I was part of a European Commission. As a writer I wrote a book “Intrigue in the Capital” in the almost 9 years I lived in Rome, then the Venice Biennale, art exhibitions in different Italian cities and the last one of great importance in Germany.

Where would I like to live more? I would like to live in contact with nature and with a large artistic studio available.

What is my most precious asset? Certainly health, but also serenity and the ability to always be amazed.

What is my strongest characteristic? Being stubborn in pursuing the goals I place in the field of art as in every aspect of life.

What is my most exciting position in my city? I currently live in a small country in Italy and it makes me feel good and it really stimulates the human dimension of the country in which we all know each other.

What is my favorite place to eat and drink in my city? In my city, there are several restaurants or trattorias, where you can eat good Italian food.

What books have influenced my life and how? In addition to the classics, such as Moby Dick and others that gave me a sense of freedom, at this stage, I am devoting myself to reading autobiographical books by artists, the last one on Picasso, very interesting and stimulating at a creative level.

Who are my favorite writers? I have no favorite writers, to whom I dedicate myself, I really like good biographies or books that make me dream like Gabriel García Márquez

You only die once. What music would I listen to on my last day? Probably a symphony of classical Mozart music, or the soundtrack of the movie Mission with Robert de Niro.

Who is my hero or heroine in fiction? Probably Do Chisciotte of the tip, because even in madness he pursues his dreams unconditionally.

Who are my heroes and heroines in real life? I admire all the people who do good for humanity, starting with those who work with the last, like missionaries, or humanitarian workers who are active in the world in the most disadvantaged and war areas.

Which movie would you recommend to see once in a lifetime? They are different, to name a few: Mission, Once upon a time in America, Amarcord, Mechanical Orange.

What role does art play in my life and in my work? It plays a main role, even when I don’t create, I always think with the creative soul, trying to observe the details in the landscapes and in the human soul.

Who is my biggest fan, sponsor, partner in crime? I think they are some of my collectors, but especially my family, my wife Antonella and my son Nicolas.

With whom would I like to work in 2019 / 2020? With my son, working together on projects that can bring out my own, but especially his great qualities as a video maker and artist.

Which people in my profession would I like to meet in 2019/2020? I would like to meet so many beautiful people, regardless of their role in society, people with whom to collaborate and create projects that make people think and shake in improving themselves to improve the society in which we live.

On which project, in 2019/2020, I can’t wait to work? That we can carry out the projects that I already have, such as “Il Viaggiatore” is a sculpture, photography and film project that talks about a very particular person.

Where can you see me or my work in 2019/2020? They can be seen on various channels and specifically: -Idilio Galeotti Cell. 335.5862158 e-mail: Website Facebook Idilio Galeotti ARTIST on faecebook Idilio Galeotti, and Idilio Galeotti We are with you and Intrigues in the Capital.

What do the words “Passion never retire” mean to me? Picasso said when he was 90 years old, he said that he seemed to have so much to do and that he had so many projects to carry out. I think it’s a concept in which I recognize myself.

Which creative heroes should invite Peter to tell their story? Some people have already dealt with my story, who came to make me minterviste3 and a book should soon be published on my artistic career and in the social field. Then if others want to take care of it I would be pleased, as I am interested in a comparison and cultural exchanges. I believe that art is never an end in itself, but must set itself the goal of looking to the future to improve the society in which we live.

How can you contact me? -Idilio Galeotti Born in Modigliana (FC) Mobile 335.5862158 Resident in Modigliana – Piazza C. Battisti n. 3 Tel. 0546.942543 e-mail: Website Facebook Idilio Galeotti ARTIST on faecebook also in the entry Idilio Galeotti, and Idilio Galeotti We are with you and Intrigue in the Capital.

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