Become a The Hero’s Journey Mentor

The Hero’s Journey Mentors are passionate people. They love what they do and enjoy talking to others about their business and experiences. They offer people who are interested a Testdrive in their Dreamjob.  If being a “The Hero’s Journey” Mentor sounds like something you would like to consider, and you meet the minimum criteria listed below, then please submit your interest via mailing Peter. You are a candidate for being a “The Hero’s Journey” Mentor if you:

  • Love what you do for a living;
  • Are at least three years succesful in making money doing what you love with your business ;
  • Want to make a difference in others peoples’ lives by sharing knowledge, experience, and a little of your time with others who are exploring starting a business, making a career transition, or simply exploring career options;
  • Have the autonomy and interest to keep your profile current, be responsive to connection requests, and personally confirm your availability;
  • Want to make some extra money.  You can determine your own hourly tariff. 

You are interested in becoming a “The Hero’s Journey” Mentor?  Mail us at

What is a Testdrive in Your Dreamjob?

Why Make a Testdrive?

How Does It Work for You As Mentor?

Testdrive your Dreamjob

Yes, you can try your hand at the career of your dreams without risking your present job, your next mortgage payment, or your kids’ future.

In this travel guide you will discover how a ‘Testdrive in your Dreamjob’ – meeting rolemodels who are successful in a career you are thinking of or always wanted – can be the first step toward making that dream come true.

Revolutionary and practical, this hands-on journey from the founder of The Hero’s Journey will help you mesh your working life with your deepest sense of self as you learn how to:

  •  Plan a ‘Testdrive in your Dreamjob’ of your own in any career;
  •  Build the skills and gather the knowledge you’ll need to embark on your new career;
  •  Overcome the fear of starting your own business;
  •  Turn a layoff or other involuntary change into the opportunity of a lifetime;
  •  Design and create a dreamjob that does not exist … yet;
  •  Manage a smooth, safe transition from your present job to your dreamjob;
  •  Minimize financial risk as you embark on your bold new life.

We will travel in the footsteps of the movie Midnight in Paris where an advertising executive which is engaged to marry embarks on a midnight journey where he meets his heroes and heroines like Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso, Dali, Gertrude Stein to get feedback on his career and life. A life transforming experience.  

You will meet in this journey professionals who have the dreamjob you are considering. When you are not sure which dreamjob you want you meet people from different professions. You will experience directly and first hand in meetings with rolemodels the passion, happiness and obstacles in having their dreamjob. You will be guided to extract the underlying principles which you can use in your own career.

Twelve Reasons for a Testdrive in Your Dreamjob

1.  To make a testdrive in your dreamjob before you committ yourself to a career

2. To find a mentor

3.  To learn about the ins and outs of a business

4.  To make contacts in a profession or market

5.  To raise your confidence level

6.  To explore a  passion

7.  To satisfy your curiosity about ‘ the road not taken’

8.  To test possible businesses when you don’t know yet what you want

9.  To make an unusual, exciting journey

10. To try out something new and challenge yourself in new ways

11. To create a new story about yourself, your present company, job, lifestyle and future

12. To reconnect with some passion(s) inside of you

Why should I become a The Hero’s Journey Mentor?

For lots of reasons, but primarily:

  1. To earn supplemental income
  2. To make a difference in people’s lives
  3. To gain valuable credibility in your field

What are the criteria to become a The Hero’s Journey Mentor?

You will make a great The Hero’s Journey Mentor if you:

  1. Love what you do and want to share your knowledge with others
  2. Make your money doing what you love as entrepreneur
  3. Are able to advise The Hero’s Journey clients via one-hour phone, videoconference and/or in-person sessions (at your place of work)

How will I share my expertise?


  1. Phone (or voice-only Skype);
  2. Videoconference (via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or another video service); and/or
  3. In-person at your place of work (optional)

What do I have to do to schedule my time with a The Hero’s Journey client?

You just need to follow four easy steps:

  1. You will receive an email from a prospective client via The Hero’s Journey requesting a one-hour phone, in-person or videoconference session. They will provide up to 10 dates and timeframes that work for their schedule. (On occasion, clients request a half- or full-day in-person mentorship session.
  2. You will suggest three one-hour time slots for the conference based on the client’s preferences.
  3. The client will accept and book one of the suggested time slots.
  4. Your email address will now be shared with your client such that you may set up your one-hour phone, videoconference or in-person session. The contact information you share to conduct that session is up to you – it can be your Skype ID, your FaceTime address or your phone number. Your email address will be shared only with your client, and only after you’ve acknowledged the session request, and it has been booked and paid for by the client.

How is my expertise priced?

You’re the boss. You choose your hourly pricing between  Euro 100, 150,  200,  250,  300. With a maximum of Euro 500 per hour.  Take into account in choosing that a fixed percentage of 30% is set above your pricing by us to arrive at the price the client pays. For example you want to make Euro 100 per hour the price for one hour for The Hero’s Journey client will be Euro 130.

How much money can I make providing my expertise on The Hero’s Journey?

The more you market yourself via your social network, the more supplemental income you will make. Your story in the form of a questionnaire and selfie picture will appear on the Hero’s Journey website. Your story is shared with the almost 200.000 creative professionals worldwide who follow the hero’ s journey online.

Does The Hero’s Journey take a cut of my earnings?

We add 30% to your advising fee per hour to form a retail price.

How do I get paid?

On a monthly basis, The Hero’s Journey pays all mentors for bookings from the previous month.

Will I get to edit my The Hero’s Journey bio and pricing that will be posted on the Hero’s Journey website?

Absolutely. You can update your story on the Hero’s Journey four times each year.

Will my clients be able to publicly rate my ability to share my knowledge on my The Hero’s Journey page?

Absolutely. This provides you fantastic credibility and cachet; in your field. They can send quotes about how they value your advice to and after consultation with you we will publish them. Next to that The Hero’s Journey client who has made her/his The Hero’s Journey with you can tell her story about her passion for her work on the website and mention your role in answers on the questionnaire.

I’m a business owner. What if a prospective client wants to start a business in my hometown? Do I have to provide my expertise to anyone who requests?

If you get a request from someone who is local, you might suggest they reach out to someone in another city. People will understand and respect your decision to not mentor someone who may become your direct, local competition.

What if my client or I am late for a session?

We use the “personal trainer” model for dealing with tardiness or cancelation. If you are more than 15 minutes late or you cancel within an hour of your session, you need to reschedule with your client and make up any additional lost time and then some. We ask that you provide an additional 30 minutes of pro bono consultation for being late or canceling at the last minute.

If your client is more than 15 minutes late or cancels within an hour of your session, they lose that session. You do not need to credit them for your valuable time.

There are exceptions to every rule. If an emergency occurs, both parties should be accommodating and use good sense.

Once I establish a relationship with a client, do I still use The Hero’s Journey for additional sessions with them?

Yes. There are four reasons why you want to book your client sessions through The Hero’s Journey. First, we are your ongoing marketing platform and source for new clients. Second, we are your bill-processing arm … you don’t have to worry about waiting for a client’s check to clear or set up your own way of taking credit cards. Third, you gain more credibility and cachet in your field by having your clients rate your expertise on The Hero’s Journey for future clients to see. Finally, if you work around our agreement, we will remove your profile from The Hero’s Journey website and you will lose the opportunity of earning supplemental income and sharing your expertise through The Hero’s Journey.

I’m a career coach (or life coach, or consultant) — can I be an guide?

Thanks for your interest in The Heroine’s Journey.  Mentors work in the actual professions in which our clients are exploring. We do not bring on career, life or business coaches or consultants as The Heroine’s Journey mentors. We only bring on experts working directly in specific creative careers for which our clients have interest — such as being an actor, dancer, musician, designer, movie director, writer, illustrator, artist, fashion designer, chef cook etc.

Have other questions we didn’t answer here?

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