We teach storytelling skills to help creative professionals and businesses thrive

Alongside technical skills, employees who can master a range of sophisticated, ‘soft’ emotional skills are better able to thrive, manage themselves and succeed at their work. Our tailored programs are made up of 2-hour workshops designed to develop passion and creativity in the workplace.

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How We Work

The modular nature of our 12 workshops allows us to work flexibly and address a wide range of organisational needs. Most often, however, we work in three areas: building leaders storytelling skills, assisting with team story development, and supporting company storytelling. We work with you to build a programme of workshops that suits the specific needs and goals of your organisation, often matching workshops to organisational values.

Our Company Storytelling Programmes

We believe that employees adopting an organisation’s values is pivotal to organisational success. Yet employees won’t always automatically know how to bring those values to their work. We think everyone needs a little help to do this better and it’s often emotional barriers that get in the way.

We can help you build a programme in line with, your organisation’s values and mission. We suggest that the programme should be open to all levels – allowing individuals to opt into workshops, allowing them to build their own programme. Our workshops, led by expert facilitators, guide teams in discussing the ins and outs of company culture and help teams and organisations to build shared vision and purpose.


Our Team Story Development Programmes

Bringing people together to think about strategy aids decision making and helps create a supportive storytelling culture within an organisation. Enliven a strategy day with an interactive workshop, or combine workshops for day-long immersive learning.

We choose workshops to address your current strategy challenge or to support improvement and development in key areas.

Our workshops bring team members together to get to know each other’s story more deeply. Guided story exercises and reflection helps teams to discuss important issues and goals, and practice the storytelling skills that will help them succeed together.


Our Leaders Storytelling Programmes

We believe that the key to leadership is self-awareness and the ability to navigate around potential blind spots. We also believe that traditional leadership training, designed around tips and tricks, doesn’t work.

We build a program to support emerging leaders in your organisation or to bring together senior leaders for key discussions. We deliver leadership specific workshops and tailor a program to feel like an extension of your organisation. Our workshops help leaders of all levels to understand the stories of those they lead, unpick storytelling issues within teams, and develop the creative confidence, vision, and storytelling skills they can pass on to others throughout the organisation.

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