Commedia dell’Arte


No radio-active spiders, no last-of-their-race beings from outer space, no Amazon warriors in the Hero’s Journey story. But there definitely is a quest behind it all.

Peter’s Story

In 2007 Peter was struck by a vision to make the world a more creative place. Travelling the world, he set up The Hero’s Journey, now one of the world’s most recognized inspirators for creative professionals. But he wanted to empower more people than could afford The Hero’s Journey in-person travelling courses. Having grown the company into a beacon for online training , he knew affordable, online access was the key. Now The Hero’s Journey delivers its power formula to any creative professionals with the courage to grow themselves. Into more creative people, better entrepreneurs, better storytellers. Wherever they are in the world. Because we all have the power to become our own personal heroes.

A new concept: Commedia dell Arte

Faster than a speeding bullet, The  set out to launch its one-of-kind online training platform. Aiming to offer quickly accessible content for those creative professionals worldwide looking to grow personally and professionally at one fixed, low yearly contribution. An innovative approach towards online training, where one-off courses were the norm. Also new was the mission to make training and development engaging. No long, droning articles, but hands-on, step-by-step travel guides of world cities like Rome, Paris, London, Florence, Berlin, Barcelona filled with questionnaires, action items, inspiring stories of creative professionals who went before you, video’s, travel guides. We called these courses learning journeys, and set out to build 60 from scratch.  Peter crafted effective, high-quality training courses that inspire and empower.

The Hero’s Journey Travel Guides

It took a year of late nights and dinners. Over the course of that year, Peter created over 60 guides in 10 world cities with themes specific designed for creative professionals about career management, time management,  self promotion,  money management, organizing.  He wrote 350 illustrative stories,  with 630 inspiring videos of creative professionals who went before you, 60 voice overs, and wrote over 1,000,000 words. The result was a lot of screen stare, mouse arm, and some of the most effective online training courses available online. The Hero’s Journey launched in january 2012.  Thousands of heroes and dozens of organizations have since joined the platform. Worldwide abroad. Our entire platform is available in English.