Short Trips

Our Short Trips

At The Hero’s Journey , we run regular weekday evening classes and weekend classes for creative professionals throughout the year. At this moment in the cities Amsterdam, Antwerp, London, Rome, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Bruxelles, Eindhoven, Malaga, Berlin, Florence, Milan, Madrid, München, Sevilla and Paris.   These mini ‘business-courses’ for creative professionals cover such topics as career management,  self promotion, time management, money management and organizing specific developed by Peter de Kuster for the right brain creative professional.  Using stories of creative professionals of past and present in the cities as inspiration.

All of our The Hero’s Journey short trips are taught by compassionate, experienced tutors who live in your city and are personally trained by Peter de Kuster and they offer the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people in your city. At one of our short trips you can expect to embark on a journey of self-development and self-help, designed to improve your self-knowledge and self-esteem as well as offering practical help in many creative business and life areas.

It is possible to have customized The Hero’s Journey trips for your organisation or event. Contact us at to discuss the possiblities.