Telling the Financial Story: Why ‘Stories’ Sell

Why are some financial service companies thriving in an age while others are struggling to survive? Whey do some seem to never get over the hump of building a bigger book of business? Why so some financial services companies have lots of referrals when others have to claw and dig just to get one referral?


I loved to look at the great storytellers in the financial services industry like Warren Buffett, The Motley Fool,  Virgin Money, American Express, Suze Orman to find exactly how top financial services companies tell and sell. The characteristics I found were both profound and simple:

  1. The way they told the financial story was illustrative and simple.
  2. They excelled in relating and communicating with others
  3. They developed specialized audiences for their services.

The way top financial services companies tell stories is by simplying matters, not complicating them.  By using simple illustrations, anecdotes and metaphors they bring themselves and their ideas into the mental grasp of every client. Consequently, clients love talking to them and referring their friends as well.

I call this Telling the Financial Story. I have come to believe that storytelling is the key to building a large and loyal customer base. It is a proven psychological fact that storytelling puts the mind in a flowlike state and makes us more able to learn, be inspired, move to action. Everyone loves a good story.  I will teach you how to tell the financial story.

In an age of online, do-it-yourself personal finance and investing, people still yearn for mentoring, for guidance, for affirmation. Many have gone the Lone Ranger route in investing because they haven’t been able to find a financial services company they trust, who knows how to communicate effectively.  Your succes as an financial services company hinges on your ability to communicate. Make the complex simple and understandable and you will never lack for clients. The storytelling truths and examples I offer will revolutionize the way you sell financial services and yourself.


Your success with clients doesn’t hinge on being a better analyst or being tech savy but rather on being a better teacher, a better storyteller, and a master of the metaphor. Individuals will no longer tolerate being left in the dark, and they will gravitate to financial services companies who excel in illuminating and communicating.

Top financial services companies have a sincere concern and respect for people. Clients feel good after meetings with people of these companies because they sense these people have their best interests at  heart.  All the people I have ever met had a sign hanging on their neck.  The sign around each person’s neck actually says ‘help me feel important’.  No matter who they were, no matter how they’d risen or how much they had, they all wear the same sign.  Those who learn to recognize and respond to that sign will succeed. This world has a way of wearing people down – it can be hard on them. It stereotypes them, categorizes them, and assigns numbers to them. But we want others to see us for the unique individuals we are.  I will show you with ‘Your Clients Story’ how to demonstrate that sort of respect.

Finally, I found that top financial services companies have learned to focus and specialize their business into profitable ‘niches’.  The Woman’s market,  the Babyboomer’s market,  the Affluent market,  the Creatives market. By moving from a jack-of-all-trades, anybody-will-do financial services company to a specialized expertise in profitable niches, these financial services companies have seen their business grow faster and larger than they ever imagined possible.  I will show you how to communicate with the growing markets of women, creatives,  babyboomers, affluent respectively.

Storytelling will help you become more expert at communicating, at relating, and at penetrating profitable markets – and make money in the process!  Storytelling is about making an emotional connection with your clients’ hopes and dreams by using illustrations and stories they can understand.