The Creative Journey

The Creative Journey

Very often, the pressure to be serious, along with stress, anxiety, and self-criticism holds us back from being fully creative. Yet in a major study by IBM, 60% of CEOs listed creativity as the most important quality for any business. Research suggests that creativity can improve productivity, and give an important problem-solving advantage to any company: lessening the burden on management and improving overall employee satisfaction.

At The Hero’s Journey, our Professional Workshops are designed by Peter de Kuster  with wide experience in various creative fields. His commitment to understanding the psychological and emotional factors which feed into creative endeavours can help participants to unlock new ways of working. Rather than seeing creativity as a mysterious, unknowable undertaking: he can provide a number of different frameworks through which to interact with given resources or set tasks, generating new ideas and methods in the process. This workshop helps participants get to the root of what creativity is and how it can best be fostered.

In this two day seminar in Florence , we will:

  • Learn the myths and realities of the creative process
  • Practise the art of creative combination and recombination
  • Explore how to transcend outdated assumptions and develop radically new ideas
  • Consider how to regularly access a more creative mindset


09.40     Tea, coffee and pastries
10.00     Workshop commences
11.05     Break
12.00     Session finishes


Price Euro 1895

21 february 2019

Hotel Savoy Florence