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In 2008, I was struck by a vision to make the world a better place for creative professionals who want to make money doing what they love. Travelling as a discoverer I set up The Heroine’s Journey & The Hero’s Journey project, now one of the world’s most recognized inspiration sites for creative professionals. But I want to empower more creative professionals than can afford The Hero’s Journey in-person masterclasses, experiences, courses.  Having grown the project into a beacon for creative professionals in entrepreneurship worldwide, i know affordable, online access is the key. Now The Hero’s Journey delivers its power of storytelling to anyone with the courage to grow themselves. Transforming creative professionals into more passionate, more entrepreneurial, more creative, better storytellers. Wherever they are in the world. Because we all have the power to become our own personal heroes.

A new concept of travelling

Faster than a speeding bullet I set out to launch a new one-of-kind learning journey platform. Aiming to offer free and quickly accessible online travel guides of world cities for those looking to grow personally and professionally. An innovative approach towards online training, where one-off courses were the norm. Also new was the mission to make training and development engaging. No long, droning articles, but hands-on, step-by-step activities with video’s, wizards and questionnaires. I call these courses learning journeys, and set out to build from scratch for several world cities. Crafting effective, high-quality training courses that inspire and empower.

The Hero’s Journey project launched in 2016.  Since then thousands of heroes joined the platform. Worldwide.   

Free online learning journeys. A little bit different

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I am proud of doing things differently.  The Hero’s Journey is different in offering our free online travel guides of world cities as learning journeys. And we’re different in the thoughtful way I’ve crafted each one. Crafted so that the journey is worth more than the destination.  You decide in which world city you want to travel. At this moment I offer free online city guides of Barcelona, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Florence, Berlin, New York and Rome. What type of journey you take. A day-trip? A weekend away? A trip around the world? The longer your journey, the more you get out of it.

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