The Hero’s Journey Conference in Paris

The Hero’s Journey Conference – Paris

11th, 12th, 13th October

What does it take to change a life? Many of us start by getting away – seeking out a place we have never been before, somewhere far away, with a fresh climate and an unexplored horizon – in the hope that a change of environment might lead to a change of perspective. Though diverting, our journeys are often fleeting, all too brief. We return to our regular routines – the same bad habits, the same implacable problems – and remain, at our core, unfulfilled.

Ten years ago, The Hero’s Journey was set up to help people to answer some of the larger questions of their lives – questions about their careers, their purpose, their state of mind, and, most importantly, who they are as people. In 2016, we gathered together all that we had learned to create our first ever Conference – a condensation of the best of our wisdom and teaching into a highly exclusive, uniquely transformative three-day experience. Hosted twice a year in different cities across the globe, The Hero’s Journey Conference offers delegates a chance to discover a new city, meet like-minded strangers, and embark on a journey of genuine self-discovery and self-transformation.


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What to Expect

Over three days, The Hero’s Journey Conference aims to provide us with a comprehensive personal storytelling education. It starts – as all journeys of self-improvement must – with the search for self-knowledge: how lasting change can only arise from a thorough understanding of our own minds. It addresses, in turn, our work, love and social lives: showing us the mistakes we commonly make, and the ways we can move past these to find pleasure and purpose in everything we do. It teaches us vital emotional skills, like confidence and calm, required to experience the world with patience and joy. It shows us the lessons we can draw from culture – from literature, art, philosophy, and architecture. Finally, it tries to answer the largest question of all – how to find meaning and lasting happiness in every area of our lives.

Our conference is both designed and led by The Hero’s Journey founder, Peter de Kuster  – renowned expert in storytelling with a proven record in helping people across the world to understand themselves and find fulfilment. It compiles material from our entire curriculum – our core classes, one-day festivals, and five-day schools – to create a programme of the very best teaching we have to offer.

The Conference is not simply a series of lectures, or a passive presentation. Rather, it is a communal, multifaceted, interactive experience. It uses not only speech but films, music, and visual prompts to engage us with its concepts and message. Delegates are regularly invited to participate in exercises and demonstrations, and to share and seek advice for their own unique experiences.

Above all, the Conference is a social occasion – a place for thoughtful people from across the world to come together, share perspectives and ideas, and forge lasting connections with others. Specially designed conversational prompts, as well as morning and evening social activities, are used to encourage delegates to meet and relate. Many come away having made lifelong friendships – and sometimes even more.


Day 1 Friday Afternoon – Storytelling Education, Self-Knowledge, Self Promotion

Day 2 Saturday Morning – Relationships: Travel from interesting person to interesting person.  Marketing for the Introverted. 

Day 2 Saturday Afternoon – Work, Creative Confidence, Failure

Day 3 Sunday Morning – Story, Flow, Meaning, Happiness

Conference Leaders

The Conference, led by The Hero’s Journey founder Peter de Kuster together with leading storytellers .

Who Should Attend The Hero’s Journey Conference

The Hero’s Journey Conference is ideal for those looking for an in-depth storytelling experience that covers the four main areas of our creative lives; Passion, Self Promotion, Money and Time Management.

What you can expect:

  • A rich programme drawing from the key insights across our core curriculum
  • A learning experience combining lectures, films, music, storytelling exercises and continuous audience participation
  • Three-days of engaging content written and led by storyteller Peter de Kuster
  • Daily educational programme and curated morning and evening social activities
  • An opportunity to make new friends in a community of like-minded individua

More about The Hero’s Journey Conference Paris:

Though accommodation is not provided, the ticket includes lunch on the Saturday, a drinks reception on the Friday, and snacks and refreshments throughout the weekend.

Euro 999 excluding VAT per person
When you want to attend with 2 or more people there are special prices. 
For more information and to make reservations mail us at