The Hero’s Journey in the Tour de France

The experience of flow is still one of the least understood phenomena in sport. And yet it is one of the richest, most memorable experiences an athlete will ever know.

Some call it a natural high. Others refer to it as being in a zone. Whatever it’s called, flow is an elusive and very sought-after psychological state that athletes, coaches, and sport psychologists have tried to understand, harness, and employ to their benefit.

Now, in this journey during the Tour de France 2020 devoted exclusively to flow in sports , Peter de Kuster attempts not only to explain the phenomenon but also to identify the impact of the power of the story you tell yourself about yourself and your sports.

The journey begins with a description of what flow is and is not. Flow is defined as a person’s total absorption into an activity. While it is always a peak, satisfying experience, it is not necessarily associated with peak performance on every occasion.

Most of the seminar delves deeply into the key elements of the story the athlete tells him or herself leading up to and accompanying the flow experience. Peter also recommend certain actions on the part of the athlete or coach to optimize their storytelling that allow flow to occur. The seminar is full of vivid examples, captivating quotes, and revealing stories that enhance Peter’s clear and insightful text.

The sport setting is rife with opportunities to experience flow-be it in pick-up games or the Olympics. But until now, flow has been an infrequent, accidental, and even mysterious phenomenon to most athletes. With The Hero’s Journey in the Tour de France, this optimal experience becomes both more familiar and more achievable. Get to know flow, and get into it. Find out what you’ve been missing.

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