The Hero’s Journey in “War Arrow”

Jeff Chandler and Maureen O’Hara make a spirited pair in this innocuous western. He’s the cavalry major who over-rides the opposition of fort commander John McIntire and recruits friendly native American Seminoles to help defeat hostile Kiowas. O’Hara plays the feisty wife of a missing captain who’s as good as any man in action at wielding a rifle or putting out a dynamite charge. Handsomely photographed in Technicolor and adequately directed by B-western veteran George Sherman, it’s assembly line stuff, lacking in any extra dimension.

A US Cavalry officer moves to Texas, where he sets about training Seminoles to defend themselves against a hostile Kiowa tribe. His actions raise conflict with a suspicious senior officer who believes the Seminoles are not to be trusted, but a pitched battle with the renegade tribe puts the alliance to the test.