The Power of Design

So…. suppose you are focused on putting … DESIGN … Front and Center in your enterprise.  What would you do?  Here are some possible starting points. Design Driven Companies..

1.  Put design per se On The Agenda of every meeting – in every Department througout the Enterprise

2.  Have Professional Designers on virtually all project teams.

3.  Have physical facilities that Sing and Scintillate, that reflect the SERIOUSLY COOL DESIGN SENSIVITY of the products and services and experiences the Enterprise produces.

4.  Have internal and external Academy Awards Programs (employees, new products, vendors) that focus on DESIGN…. per se. THESE ARE BIG DEALS

5.  Measure the amount of External Recognition the enterprise gets for its design activities (Per se).

6.  Make diversity a Top Priority. The essence of Design Excellence is sensitivity to the Dramatically Different, often subtle, needs of various members of our internal and external communities.

7.  Include Design Sensitivity explicitly in…. ALL training activities … and in everyoneś evaluation. WHAT GETS MESAURED GETS DONE – INCLUDING A FOCUS ON DESIGN.

8.  Openly use the Emotional Language of Design. ‘Insanely great’,  ‘love that’ Hot passionate language