The New Corporate Story

The New Corporate Story

The founder of The Hero’s Journey – Peter de Kuster – comes with a new seminar in which he tells how you are successful as a Corporate Storyteller in challenging times.

When times are challenging,  the ability of your Corporate Story to move clients and employees is the determining factor.  Keep it authentic, keep it goal directed and give it passionate energy.  Rewrite your Corporate Story and Transform your Business and Live. Especially in economically challenging times.

Leadership is more difficult than ever. We live in crazy, chaotic times. How are Corporate Leaders coping with the present fast changing times? Peter de Kuster has the answers. He invites you to embrace more change than you can handle. Leadership is not a story about control but about the creation of a common quest. A Hero’s Journey.  Where leaders are great Corporate Storytellers.

Leaders can say  ‘I don’t know’ because it lays the basis of incredible innovation.
Great leaders don’t create followers, great leaders create more leaders. Making mistakes is allowed. When you don’t make mistakes you have not accomplished enough.  Try new things. Create new stories. Try again. Learn. Experience is the sum of your mistakes.

Peter de Kuster tells how you can become a Corporate Storyteller and contribute to the organisation of the future. In the present economy the building of a great organisation is no piece of cake. What have successful companies in common? How does your Corporate Story contribute to an organization which is programmed for success?  How do you build your Corporate Story from the most important resource of your organization: its people?

In his own inspiring and provocative way Peter de Kuster tries everything to enrich these stories you tell and to open your mind to new opportunities.

About Peter de Kuster

Peter de Kuster is the founder of The Heroine’ s Journey & The Hero’s  Journey


Peter is founder of the Heroine’s Journey and Hero’s Journey project where worldwide thousands of professionals shared their story of making money doing what you love. He wrote 50+ books. Peter has an MBA in Marketing,  MBA in Financial Economics and graduated at university in Sociology and Communication Sciences.

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