Virtual Journeys

Build relevant storytelling skills for the modern world

Online learning from The Hero’s Journey.

Our range of Virtual Journeys enables you to take in our ideas in a live interactive context that will deliver you knowledge, entertainment and connection. Each virtual journey is a one – on – one conversation with Peter de Kuster who will be on hand to answer questions and direct your learning. You will have a chance to meet creative people  who can make a difference in your creative career and develop friendships with people from around the world at the same time as you develop your story about yourself and your creative business.

Each of our Virtual Journeys takes you through a key topic in The Hero’s Journey’ storytelling curriculum, designed to creating your business where you make money doing what you love.

Our virtual journeys are at the heart of what we do, and believe in, at The Hero’s Journey. Our range of carefully curated virtual journeys address the great challenges of a creative business and life, following the broad themes of Entrepreneurship,  Self Promotion, Money Management, Time Management and Organizing – all specifically designed for creative professionals.  

During the course of any of our virtual journeys, you will be challenged with stories of heroes of the past and present to think deeply about the issues that matter most, and provided with a space to share your thoughts with other open-minded individuals. Our virtual journeys  are designed and taught by storytelling expert Peter de Kuster, and include a mix of self study lecture and exercises.