The Hero’s Journey of Matteo Ratti

The best thing that I love about my work is creativity. Fashion allows you to create everything.
My idea of happiness is to get a job that I like. Working with joy and passion is one of the most rewarding things.
My greatest fear is loneliness.
The trait the I most deplore in myself is stubbornness.
In my profession, I most admire all the young designers who make their own way to success.
My greatest extravagance is wearing something colorful, because I always wear black.
I would never lie, because I hate liars.
The thing that I dislike in my work is corruption.
The happiest moment in my work was when I showed my first collection in a real fashion show.
I would change my body shape because I’m too thin.
My greatest achievement in work would be having my own fashion brand.
I would like to live both in Paris and in my country, Italy, maybe in a bigger city as Milano.
My most treasured possession is a vintage Gianni Versace Jacket from the 80s.
My most marked characteristic is honesty.
The most inspirational locations in my city are the Academy of fine Arts (which is inside a castle) and the seaside.
My favourite place to eat and drink in my city is the seaside, looking at the sunset.
My favourite book is “The Little Prince” and i like it because there are a lot of advices hidden behind a book for children.
My favourite writers are Nabokov, Emil Zola, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, but also italian songwriters like Elisa and Levante.
On my last day I would listen to Florence And The Machine songs.
My heroine in fiction is Blanca Evangelista from Pose.
My parents are my heroes in real life.
Art is part of my life and my work. It inspires me and helps me creating.
My biggest fan is my best friend Giovanni. He always supports me and my crazy projects. He’s my personal model too.
In 2019, I would like to work with Lady Gaga.
I would love to meet a creative director and become his assistant.
In 2019, i’m looking forward to work on a new collection.
You can see me and my works on instagram (Itsmatteoratti) and linkedin too.
“Passion never retires” means that you always have to love what you do. Once you have no more passion, you should stop working.
Artists, designers, singers, actors, writers should be invited to tell their stories.
You can contact me via mail, or social networks (instagram, linkedin).

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