Listening with Your Heart

So far, you’ve given a lot of thought to the information you hope to get before you leave your testdrive. But information is only half the story. The other half is how your dream job feels. After all, the whole point of doing a testdrive is to get into work you love, so a huge part of the testdrive is testing out the heart side of the package. Do you love being there? Do you feel that this is the work you are meant to do? Does some inner part of you sing while you’re doing even the drudgiest part of the job.

That is what you need to monitor while you’re there. And then you need to use your imagination. You need to imagine that you’re doing those things every day – day in, day out – for years…. How does the job feel now? Talk honestly with your mentor about the ‘yucky’ sides of the job. Got a good handle on how much time she spends on tasks you would find distasteful. As how she deals with the parts of the job she doesn’t love – or even like – and how she maintains her passion regardless. Then think deeply and honestly about how you would fare in the same situation.

Ask your mentor to play devil’s advocate. Have her describe several common ‘nightmare’ situations and ask you what you would do in each. Encourage her to challenge your responses to make sure you see each situation in the most realistic light. Do you still think you want this job

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