Should You Hire a Coach?

Professional coaches specialize in helping people define and achieve their goals. If you’re considering a major career change, that kind of support can be very helpful. However, coaching is a relatively new career and certification is not yet required, as a result, people with varied backgrounds are free to call themselves coach. I have worked with excellent coaches, however, i met also coaches who would have been better in another line of work. So if you choose to work with a coach, be as diligent in researching, interviewing and confirming credentials as you would be with a mentor.

Before you hire a coach, consider the following:

  • Select a coach who focuses on career coaching rather than life coaching. A good career coach will consider lifestyle; a life coach, however, may not focus on your career.
  • Talk to references. Ask them if they actually made the changes they hoped to make.  You want to hire a coach who gets the job done, not one who is simply likable.
  • Hire someone who has been in business full-time for at least five years. Since anyone can call himself a coach, you want someone who has verifiable experience.
  • Interview several potential coaches so you have a base of comparison. You want someone who is passionate about coaching, has concretely helped people in situations similar to yours, and with whom you feel an emotional rapport.
  • Consider a coach who is certified by a reputable coaching organization, but do not disqualify someone who isn’t. A coach with decades of pragmatic career coaching experience may not have chosen to get certified. More important than certification is meeting the criteria above.

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