The Hero’s Journey

Storytelling Solutions Done Differently
I love The Hero’s Journey idea.

The Hero’s Journey stories, innovative storytelling practices and new story discovery perspectives provide answers to the major questions facing today’s creative professionals. Who are seeking solutions that keep them relevant, competitive, and profitable in the face of changing consumer sensibility — whether it be for customer experiences, customized and individualized goods & services, or authenticity.

Given how rapidly the economy is changing, creative professionals are asking: What does the emerging Storytelling Economy mean for my organization? How can creative professionals mass customize their offerings? Why is Authenticity becoming a new consumer sensibility and key business imperative? Are we maximizing the use of digital technology in our storytelling? And in the face of these changes, how can I create value and gain competitive advantage with the power of storytelling?

Each of these questions is relevant to your business and you are not the only person asking. Most importantly, there are definitive storytelling solutions and innovative ways of answering each question. From Mass Storytelling: The New Frontier in Business Competition to The Power of Your Story to more recently Authentic Stories: What Consumers Really Want, my storytelling provide a new lens for creative professionals to find solutions.

Whether your concerns are focused on (personal) branding, sales, marketing, employee engagement, innovation or business development in the coming decade, I provide specific storytelling solutions to help you create the best overall experience for your customer, and explain why that is the difference that keeps them coming back.

I invite you to travel together with me in cities like Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Florence to examine the body of thought on storytelling. Each story can be found on this website to help teach creative professionals about possible storytelling solutions, past experiences and future possibilities. This collection of stories featuring my ideas offers a glimpse at the storytelling solutions and strategies taught through my stories.

In the end, I trust you’ll begin to understand the full potential and implications of storytelling ideas shaping today’s competitive realities and how you can leverage them to create sustainable advantage.

Looking forward to our journey together,

Peter de Kuster