The Hero’s Journey of Nate Ejobson

The best part about being a comic book artist and in Africa is that I get to not only create world’s, but I get to create them in a way the world has never seen. Africa is beautiful and it is so fulfilling creating artwork that continues to show this beauty on a daily basis.
Happiness, such a fine word, innit? Being happy to me is doing what I love, and being able to do it how and when is a bonus. And to me, it is creating stories, illustrating them and watching these stories take on a life of their own.
My greatest fear is actually not living long enough to tell all the stories I have piled up in my notebook.
I think one of my biggest flaws is the inability to effectively delegate. I want to do everything myself, my way, because somehow it is the best way, in particular, the things I am skilled at doing. It is a demon I struggle with daily and working with my team at Zebra Comics for over 4 years now, I’ve had to learn, although not fully (demon still present) to delegate tasks, and struggle to trust them with it’s accomplishing.
Todd McFarlane, founder and chairman of Image Comics is a fellow that inspires me to keep seeing the status quo. And as an African actively participating in the construction of the comic book industry in Africa, a guy like Todd makes me realize there are no limits to what I have set out to do.
My greatest extravagance? It may come as a surprise but I am not a slave to anything but to my art. I’ve thought of saying, tech gadgets, new clothes, alcohol or even women, but honestly, nothing really gets me addicted. Except art. Nothing else. My girlfriend always say “you are the simplest human I’ve ever met…” I assume she means I have no powerful desires. I’m only a servant to art.
The only occasions I lie would be to avoid conflict. I’m a peace maker by nature and in a case where someone’s trying to put forward a point so forcefully, I get uncomfortable. I just nod to have understood and am with them, but I am not. Only my actions will prove my real thoughts. I also give information out strategically. And what I consider being silent on a topic, some would consider it a lie. Guess it’s a matter of perception. LOL.
The thing I dislike the most about my work is the toll it can take on my health. I draw on average 800-1000 pages a year. I may be one of Africa’s most productive comic book artists with at least 8 titles I’ve worked on and that is excluding client work out of Zebra Comics. The toll and time, the energy it requires of me can be overwhelming for my body at times, I just shut down. I’ve actually had to tone down how much work I do in recent months. Just saying that makes me tired. LOL.
My greatest achievement is Zebra Comics. I started this company in 2016 in Cameroon, Africa and since then we’ve become one of the major houses on the continent that produces comics and the only publisher of comics in my nation of origin. Zebra Comics has published over 8 titles both in hard and digital copies. Our Mobile app called Zebra Comics now available on Google play has over 20+ comic book series from not just Zebra Comics but other African creators with whom we are partners with. Zebra Comics is the only publisher in Africa and much of the Indie world that publishes in 5 different languages; English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin and soon Japanese. Our app alone has 1000+ active monthly readers. It may not be much, but for Africa, it is a huge start.
I have been to several countries before, but I’ve always and will always love my home country, Cameroon, Africa. That is where I want to be and settle. I don’t care how beautiful a place is sold to me in any country on the world. Cameroon is home and there I shall reside.
I do not have favorite places in my city or places to eat or drink. I just don’t care much for such things. I am a simple person, I only visit other places by recommendation from friends and acquaintances. I make no particular choices. I just go with the flow.
My most treasured possession is a bracelet. It has some African markings and a message and it was given to me by a very cherished person. Someone who has changed my life and saved me from my old self. It is so precious, I cannot bring myself to wear it.
My greatest fan is my girlfriend. She too is a pencil Artist with such pristine skills. We share similar passions and see each other’s strength and have been so for some years now.
There are so many creators especially in Africa that I would love to work with. There’s Roye Okupe of Youneek Studios, Jide Martin of Comic Republic, Blacksands entertainment, Luca animation and a little bit of a stretch Image comics.
You’re the storyteller of your own life. What this means to me is that only you can define your own reality. And whether you are driven by fear, courage or some other emotion or logic, only you can define your purpose. Not down exterior force. You and only you.
In 2020, I am working on several projects. Well Zebra Comics is. I’ve hired a team of more artists and shall hire more before the year runs out. We shall release a stick of bee comics and graphics novels in 2021. Over 15 in number.
My work can be found currently on the Zebra Comics app. I’m also running a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for one of our books, ANAKI. Backers will be rewarded copies of that book, shipped to them with other special rewards. You can find my kickstarter campaign here:  Anaki Kickstarter
I’d like Peter to invite the following heroes; Roye Okupe (,Youneek Studios) Ayodele Elegba (Spoof animation), Michel Nkuindja (Noohkema games), Njoka Suyru (Zebra Comics), Martin Okonkwo(Epoch Comics) Kelvin Hart (KAH studios) NB. KELVIN, not Kevin. These are all remarkable African creators doing great things in the African continent in relation to comics, animation and video games.

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